LED Litepipe™ IV

LED Litepipe™ IV

Range: varies by colour; red and green tested at 90 candela per meter at 0.74T
Ideal for: bridge pier markers and center channel markers

Being an extended light source, LITEPIPE™ will substantially improve the conspicuity over point sources in harbors and along rivers in populated areas with moderate to high background lighting. As LITEPIPE™ can be operated in any orientation, the conspicuity may be enhanced further by mounting obliquely to distinguish even more from background lighting. With the orientation flexibility, LITEPIPE™ can be arranged to give a particular aid to navigation in a problem area its own signature.


  • Bridge Pier Markers and Center Channel Markers
  • Range (Leading Light) Light systems
  • Locks – side and entry Markers
  • Ferry Slip Entry Markers
  • Canal Side and Entry Markers


  • Extruded clear acrylic tube, 6” in diameter, which houses the LED light source and patented optical elements
  • Sealed tube is lined with opaque diffusing material
  • Easy Access: LED rail can be removed and replaced from the top of the LITEPIPE™
  • 180° or 360° Emitting Sector

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