Atonis Pro-R - AIS Repeater Station

Atonis Pro-R - AIS Repeater Station

Ideal for: fixed offshore structures, buoys, CALM buoys, offshore wind turbines

PMAP's AtonisPro-R is a unique, state-of-the-art, AIS simplex repeater station.  The AtonisPro-R’s primary function is to extend the AIS coverage for AIS base station networks, or to overcome limitations in radio propagation due to topographical obstacles inhibiting line-of-sight communication.

The AIS repeater receives AIS message data from ships within its coverage area and retransmits the received information using RATDMA protocol.

The AtonisPro-R is an economical, stand-alone installation that does not require integration with landline or non-AIS VHF communication networks.

Due to the low power consumption, the AtonisPro-R can be powered by an inexpensive battery/solar panel power system, making it suitable for installations on floating Aids-to-Navigation and at remote sites where electrical power is not available.

The AtonisPro-R can also be operated in a dual  Repeater/AIS Aton mode with full AIS  Aton functionality.


  • Compliant with IALA A-124 and A-126; IEC 60945 and IEC 62320-2; ITU-R M.1371
  • BSH approved AIS Aton Station
  • Dual Repeater and AIS Aton mode operation
  • Transmits Msg 21 for up to four virtual or synthetic Atons
  • Low-power suitable for solar/battery operation

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