Atonis Pro Zone 1 - Aids to Navigation AIS Repeater Station

Atonis Pro Zone 1 - Aids to Navigation AIS Repeater Station

Ideal for: fixed offshore oil and gas drilling rigs and production platforms, CALM buoys

PMAP's AtonisPro Zone 1AIS Repeater Station is an Aids to Navigation (AtoN) AIS Transponder for use on Offshore Production Facilities to alert vessels to the location of offshore structures.

AtonisPRO is available in Type 1 or 3 models and has the capability to transmit all standard AIS AtoN, Weather and Hydrological messages, as well as monitoring the AtoN equipment installed on offshore platforms.  ATONISPro is also software configurable to transmit an addressed  safety–related Message 12 to an AIS-transmitting vessel when it comes within a user configurable, pre-set range to the facility and can  transmit Message 21 for synthetic or virtual  buoys in proximity to the platform.

ATONIS PRO configuration is accomplished via RS-232 or an optional Bluetooth™ connection for in-field servicing without having to go aboard or lift a buoy to access the transponder.


  • ATEX certified Ex ‘d’ Zone 1 Enclosure
  • BSH Approved
  • Compliant with IALA A-126; IEC 60945 and IEC 62320-2; ITU-R M.1371
  • Transmit standard AIS Aton Message 21
  • Transmits Msg 21 for up to 4 virtual or synthetic buoys (e.g., mooring buoys or marker buoys)

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