FA-249 RF 14 - LED Marine Lantern

FA-249 RF 14 - LED Marine Lantern

Range: 3 - 10 NM at 0.74T

The FA-249 LED RF-14 Marine Lantern is a rugged, compact and lightweight signal lantern particularly suited for buoys, fixed platforms, bridges, barges, low-powered warning lights and others.

Adapted from the original FA-249 marine lantern due to its widespread use and excellent reputation as a buoy lantern, this state of the art LED system is constructed to withstand the mechanical stresses of service on buoys and includes a number of features designed to endure harsh marine elements while maintaining structural integrity and reducing the need for maintenance.


  • A Qualified Product to U. S. Coast Guard Specification 205
  • Extremely high flux LEDs mounted on a STABRITE LED array system, driven by specially designed electronics
  • LED array available in 1X6, 1X4, 1x8, 3X4 configurations
  • A 3-piece lens mounting system of molded Lexan with stainless steel thumb screws that fully compresses the lens gasket and provides strong positive closure of the lantern
  • High efficiency Buck-Boost Constant Current LED Driver >90% efficiency
  • No heat sink needed
  • LED intensity control via externally programmable command or 16 position HEX switch
  • Able to detect any single LED open/short or abnormal LED power increases or drops with feedback provided through Power Monitor IC.
  • Built‐in 6 amp high efficiency Ideal Diode Solar Controller with programmable charging voltage threshold
  • Programmable Night (on) and Day (off) sun switch thresholds
  • RS‐485 serial communication port for monitoring and/or light synchronization
  • Unlimited flash characteristics with 255 factory preset codes with three positions for User custom codes, either selectable through the flash code selector switch or external control lines
  • Battery backed up real time clock/calendar for seasonal control
  • Built in accelerometer for alarming/notification on the impact of the mounting structure
  • Both Solar Input and Battery Input are reverse polarity protected along with Surge Protected
  • All inputs and outputs have current and voltage protection to resist damage from misuse
  • Gen 3 PMAPI Pulse Sync with higher reliability over longer cable runs and larger numbers of units
  • Expansion socket with capability to wirelessly sync or program using optional radio modules
  • See AM14 Datasheet for full specification of LED drive electronics

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