FA-249HA LED Gimbaled Lantern

FA-249HA LED Gimbaled Lantern

Range: 5 - 10 NM at 0.74T
Ideal for: large navigation buoys, spar buoys, floating production systems (FPSO), tension leg platforms (TLP).

The FA-249HA LED Gimbaled Lantern is the technological solution to the problem posed by the movement of large navigation buoys, floating production systems (FPSO) and tension leg platforms (TLP). PMAPI has adapted the FA-249 lantern to house long lived LEDs mounted in parabolic reflectors, which are mounted on a 2-axis gimbal within a silicone-filled base.

The FA-249 LED Gimbaled Lantern maintains its optic in a vertical position for inclinations of +/- 9° (18° total).  This assures the full light intensity is continually available in the most severe sea conditions.

Approved by the US Coast Guard for use on Class A structures in the 8th Coast Guard District at 4 watts.


  • 4 linear arrays of very high flux LEDs individually mounted in a parabolic reflector and driven by specially designed electronics
  • LEDs are mounted on specially designed heat sinks to keep the temperature of the LED below 50°C to assure the design life of 60,000 hours
  • Gimbal hinges are of a special polypropylene material tested to 69 million flex cycles (no metallic parts)
  • The heavy silicone fluid in which the gimbal counterweight is immersed maintains a viscosity of 100,000 SSU at all operating temperatures; this dampens any violent buoy motion and lengthens the natural period of the mechanism to over nine seconds
  • External electric control module
  • 15 pre-programmed flash rhythms plus 1 for user programming
  • 360° horizontal beam; uniformity within ±10%

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