FA-250HA Marine Lantern

FA-250HA Marine Lantern

Range: 4 - 20 NM at 0.74T
Ideal for: offshore platforms, buoys, docks, piers, jetties, beacons.

The only modern acrylic lantern with an internal lens protected by a smooth outer cover, the FA-250HA Marine Lantern is engineered to give the optimum mix of high horizontal candlepower, vertical divergence, reliable output under varying environmental conditions, and adaptability to different signaling requirements, simple logistics, and long service life with reduced spare parts requirements.

Key Features

  • 4- or 6-place motor driven, APCL-5/APCL-10 Flashchanger® with selectable flash rhythms, pulse width modulation regulation, solar charge regulator, monitoring, synchronization, self-test function, communications port, lamp out control terminal, photocell, and enhanced environmental protection
  • Precision-molded acrylic Fresnel lens that has better optical characteristics and higher transmission than glass, and longer-term dimensional stability than cut acrylic; light weight and its color filter transmission is, typically, 25% higher than glass
  • Smooth, protective acrylic lens cover eliminates the buildup of fillets of moisture, dust, salt spray, raindrops and other contaminants on the internal Fresnel lens prisms
  • Can be simply and inexpensively converted to a different color or to colored sectors
  • Has the widest vertical divergence of the long-range omnidirectional signaling lanterns
  • Complies with the traditional IALA minimum vertical divergence of 2.5° and the FAA minimum vertical divergence of 3.0°

Optional Features

  • Bird spike
  • Uniflash® III wireless synchronization system


  • Listing dependent upon internal configuration; contact a sales representative for more information.

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