FD-410SA MINI Fog Detector


Ideal for: met-hydro systems, bridge navigation, offshore wind farms, port & harbour applications, fixed offshore structures

The FD-410EX MINI fog detector is the new standard in visibility sensor technology. It is the smallest, most compatible and cost-effective unit on the market.

The sensor is sensitive for fog particles in a zone approximately 25cm ahead of the sensor placement to detect limited visibility in the area. These particles are typically the microscopic water particles constituting fog, but may also include snowflakes, raindrops, dust or air pollutants.

The fog detector is programmed to transmit a beam of modulated infrared light every 30 seconds, measuring the amount of light reflected by the atmosphere to the receiver in the instrument.


  • Pulsed infrared, backscatter, single-station type
  • Microprocessor-based design ensures maximum reliability and minimum maintenance
  • LED light source provides extremely long service life
  • Automatic self-checking; electronic pilot light system automatically compensates for fouling/fogging of the lens
  • Automatic self-test feature
  • Remote on/off control terminals
  • Extremely low power consumption; ideal for solar power applications
  • Remote monitoring of fault and visibility levels


  • Compliant to IALA Guideline 1090- Use of Audible Signals
  • Also avilabe for harzardous area (Coding: II 2 G Ex db IIB T6 Gb Tamb -40°C to +55°C)

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