iNav AtoN Monitoring Software

iNav AtoN Monitoring Software

Ideal for: monitoring AtoN positioning

PMAPI has developed what we believe to be the only Aton Monitoring software you will need to buy. Ever!  iNAV is not an AIS monitoring program with an add-on Aton module  --  it is a program designed from the start to monitor Atons.  Then we added the AIS target monitoring for the full solution.  The result?  Simply what we believe to be the best aton monitoring software available.  That’s not our boast;  it’s what we’ve been told by our customers!

But you be the judge.  Take a look at some of the unique features iNAV offers:

  • Decode all standard AIS messages (OK, everybody’s program probably does that) but, iNAV lets you decode ANY Application Specific Message (ASM) without requiring a software upgrade or vendor support. You make the implementation yourself, even for proprietary ASM messages from other vendors, and any future, yet-to-be-developed, Application Specific Messages. This one feature alone can save you considerable costs in both time and money.
  • Decode different message formats even if the messages have the same DAC/FI identifiers. Ok, this is getting technical, but anyone who has installed an aton from a vendor using a DAC/FI for their Msg 6 that is also used by another vendor for their Msg 6 and you will immediately appreciate our solution, that you, yourself, implement—no need to pay for a software “fix.”  (Don’t think this happens?  Well, we didn’t make the solution for a “potential” problem—it happens!)
  • Customize your display for each AIS station’s Message 6 and Message 8 by naming each parameter with your own name and value units.
  • Assign an alarm to ANY reported parameter in ANY Message 6 or Message 8 with each parameter having its own limits and thresholds.

  • Configure and Transmit Message 21 for Virtual and Synthetic Atons by any connected Base Station.

  • Calculate Aton Availability Statistics

  • Configure and Transmit any Message 6/Message 8 and Message 12/14 by any connected Base Station.

  • Monitor scheduled FATDMA slot usage for each Aton and Base Station in your system.

  • Display Graphical Trending for ANY and ALL reported parameters for any number of Atons in one screen.

  • Assign email and SMS alarms for each aton and each parameter.

  • Seamlessly incorporate aton monitoring for non-AIS atons. GSM, UHF, Satcom--all can be displayed on iNAV with the same monitoring features as AIS atons.

  • Modules for: Line Passage Statistics, Traffic Density Patterns, Dredge Monitoring, GSM monitoring and Enchanced Met/Hydro Displays.

  • And of course, iNAV has all the “standard” features you’d expect in a best-in-class Program; Replay, Data Base support, Filtering, Tabular Data Reports, and the list goes on…

  • We Listen and We Respond. Our iNAV software has added the features our users have requested over the last several years. It does not get better than that!

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