NOMAN 500 - NCCP AtoN Monitor

NOMAN 500 - NCCP AtoN Monitor

Ideal for: offshore platforms, offshore wind farms, bridges

The NOMAN 500 (Normal Operations Monitor Aids to Navigation) features a digital touchscreen controller designed to monitor an Aids to Navigation (AtoN) system and provide a contact closure for an out-of-tolerance condition.


  • Configurable to customer specifications including, but not limited to:
  • Modbus Communications over RS485 or TCP/IP For Individual equipment Status and Control
  • Common Normally-Closed Alarm Contact
  • Individual Alarm and Status Contacts Available on Request
  • HMI display for system control and interface
  • Screens can be local (on controller) or located remotely


  • Battery charger can be housed inside the control panel or separately
  • PLC allows for flexibility in remote monitoring and/or control
  • LED door indicators and manual switches can also be used
  • Also can control other equipment such as Racons, secondary lights, secondary foghorns, etc.
  • Option to operate remote equipment via RF activation

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