PMAPI NS35 Pier Light - LED Marine Lantern

PMAPI NS35 Pier Light - LED Marine Lantern

Range: 4NM at 0.74T
Ideal for: channel center, channel margin, channel main

The NS Series Marine Light 3.5 - 7.8 NM is a weather-protected marine lantern with a high intensity LED light source that can be combined with optional GPS synchronization and External IO port.

  • LEDs on a protected metal core PCB for maximum useful life
  • Flexible electronic configurations
  • Use as Green Channel Center, 180° Red Channel Margin, and White Channel Main lights


  • AC/DC input: 120-240 VAC or 12-24 VDC input options
  • Sectored lens: 180° form fitting sectored lens (optional)
  • Zero condensation: designed specifically for inversion with strategically placed vent
  • Rugged, weather-resistant construction materials: High impact resistant polycarbonate for ice, ultraviolet exposure, salt air and seawater spray at a wide range of ambient temperatures
  • High intensity, energy efficient fan beam LED array: Maximum visible range up to 6NM at 0.74T
  • IR Remote: Powering on & off, set / retrieve configuration parameters such as flash pattern, effective intensity, day/night control, etc.
  • USCG approved colors: Single color LED engine - Red, Green or White
  • Longevity - Estimated average service life of 10 years

Performance Features:

  • Intensity control: Effective lantern intensity set on Schmidt-Clausen method
  • Flash character control: 256 programmable flash characters and 2 custom flash characters
  • Day/Night transition level settings: Programmable for active at all times or only after sunset. Day / Night level settings (sunset / sunrise transition) can be field programmed
  • Calendar control - Programmable season on/off date
  • Input protection - Lantern power input is reversed polarity protected for field repair
  • Storage mode - Automatic storage mode with adjustable automatic wake up
  • Programmable sleep and test modes
  • Dynamic compensation circuitry for the candela low output, based on internal temperature, LED flash duration and LED color, to always keep the same programmed output intensity

Optional Features:

  • External I/O port: Allows connection to an external monitoring device or for hardwired synchronisation to other lanterns

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