WX Pro Integrated Single Station Weather Reporting System

WX Pro Integrated Single Station Weather Reporting System

Ideal for: buoys, offshore platforms, offshore windfarms

Pharos Marine Automatic Power’s WX PRO Integrated Single Station Weather Reporting system offers a rugged, low-cost, low power, easy to install weather reporting solution for buoys and platforms.

The unit features rugged, multi-parameter weather sensors with state-of-the-art technology:

  • Sonic anemometer for wind speed measurement
  • Multi-element sensor for highly accurate and stable temperature readings
  • Fast-response, capacitive relative humidity sensor
  • State-of-the-art barometric pressure sensor
  • Internal fluxgate compass for automatic alignment of wind direction

The WX Pro  Weather Station connects to a Datalogger/ MicroServer  that can be connected directly to the AtonisPro AIS Aton Transponder to report weather data via Message 8 in IMO format. The user can configure the reporting intervals for Message 8 and ATONIS controls the on/off times of the datalogger/microserver to keep power consumption at the lowest possible level.

Water level sensors can be connected to the Datalogger/Microserver to report tidal data in IMO Message 8 format.


  • Integrated sonic wind sensor
  • Automatic self-alignment internal fluxgate compass
  • Rugged metal construction for use in demanding applications
  • No mechanical components means virtually no maintenance
  • Low power consumption – ideal for battery or solar-powered installations
  • AIS Ready to Report Message 8 Met /Hydro data

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