APRB-252 Rotating Marine Beacon

APRB-252 Rotating Marine Beacon

The APRB-252 is an extremely successful medium range rotating beacon designed for remote installations, with a range of up to 22 nautical miles. The APRB-252 Rotating Beacon’s highly efficient design, low maintenance drive system, and resistance to the corrosive marine environment make it the ideal choice for Remote Solar Installations.  The APRB-252 is Light Weight and can be carried by one technician for installation.


  • All IALA Recommendations are met
  • All IALA Colors are available
  • Highly efficient precision molded, acrylic, Fresnel lenses and UV stable seamless, molded acrylic cover are configured in a proven environmental packaged system
  • Highly efficient, motor-drive system with a microprocessor controlled 4-phase stepper motor
  • Optical system is comprised of a hexagon arrangement using up to 6 Fresnel lenses rotated around a wide choice of stationary light sources
  • Lens panels contain both catadioptric and dioptric injection molded lens element
  • Replacement of selected panels with blanking plates or colored panels provides for a wide variety of flash codes, including group flashes and alternating colors commonly used on airway beacons
  • Optional tungsten halogen, metal halide and xenon lamps
  • AC or DC input
  • Integrated bird spike
  • Lenses easily extractible for cleaning
  • Level indicator
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Hex switch selectable speeds from 0.5-10 rpm
  • More than 20 year duty life

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