APRB-288 Rotating Marine Beacon

APRB-288 Rotating Marine Beacon

The APRB-288 Rotating Beacon is designed to provide a long range signaling capability with limited power sources in remote locations where no more than an annual maintenance visit is planned.

The optical unit comprises an octagonal arrangement using up to eight Fresnel lenses rotated around a wide choice of stationary light sources.  Replacement of selected panels with blanking plates provides for a wide variety of flash codes including complex group flashes and alternating colors commonly used on airway beacons.


  • Ranges in excess of 23 nautical miles
  • Operates from 12 Volt or 24 Volt DC supply
  • Ideal for use with solar power
  • Microprocessor controlled four phase stepper motor drive. 1.5 watts maximum power consumption
  • 32 pre-programmed, hex-switch selectable speeds from 0.5 to 10 rpm. Easily accessed and changed in the field
  • Lamp change and focusing access hatch in top of beacon. No need to remove lens cover
  • Low maintenance costs with highly reliable, proven drive system. 250 drive units in service worldwide
  • Lightweight, compact, easy to handle and install
  • Built-in day light control
  • Seamless, molded, 500mm polycarbonate lens cover protects the optical elements from environmental contamination
  • Monitor ready when fitted with the APCL-5/10 FLASHCHANGER® which includes an RS-232 interface to provide a seamless interface with a radio modem monitoring system
  • Simple interconnection/control of standby optic with APCL-5 FLASHCHANGER®


  • Wide range of lamp options - lamp changer / twin filament, 12 Volt and 120/220 metal halide lamp with option of two place lampchanger
  • 120/220VAC input available; A 1 watt cooling fan is mounted in the base of the optic for loads exceeding 120 watts
  • Extended Range Model with 24VDC input and total lamp life reduced to one year is available
  • Two lens positions (narrow and wide) give the capability to adjust the vertical divergence and flash length to customer requirements
  • Magnetic reed switch in the base of the beacon to provide rotation monitoring

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