FA-250 Long Range LED Marine Lantern

FA-250 Long Range - LED Marine Lantern

Range: 18+ NM at 0.74T (28+ NM at 0.85T)
Ideal for: lighthouses, beacons.

The FA-250 Long Range LED Marine Lantern offers the AtoN authority an LED lantern with the highest Lumen Maintenance value available in the market today. The light is a unique combination of high intensity and optical efficiency giving the possibility of a nominal range in excess of 18 nautical miles (T=0.74) and 28 nautical miles (T=0.85), depending on color and flashing character. 


  • LEDs mounted on specially designed patented heat sinks to keep the temperature of the LED below 50°C to assure the design life of 60,000 hours
  • 15+1 selectable power level settings (one selectable)
  • 255 + 1 Selectable flash rhythms (one selectable)
  • Terminals for UNIFLASH® III wireless synchronization system or hardwired sync circuit (Optional)
  • ATONIS ready for AIS Msg 21 and Msg 6 monitoring
  • 3 tier units and all AC units require external controller

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